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The Full Story

What We Do

At Octavian Development we build luxury move-in-ready homes designed to last a lifetime. Our thoughtful designs focus on creating comfortable spaces with luxurious flair. From the moment we acquire land to even after you receive the keys we pride ourselves on being detail oriented in order to ensure we exceed all expectations.

The Moore Rd - Back.jpg
The Moore Rd - Back_edited.jpg


Once a lot is acquired our team begin the process of designing a unique home that will maximize the comfort and utility of the site.

Our workforce is carefully vetted to ensure we employee the highest quality team, and work with only the top local subcontractors in the area, so that we can provide our clients superior quality and attention to detail.

Custom Homes

Our custom homes follow a similar procedure with one

exception.. YOU are leading our team each step of the way.


We work alongside you in order to create your one-of-a-kind dream home. Every detail is client led from floor plans, fixtures, down to the nail. 

Let us turn your dream into a reality!

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